Know Your Emotional Capacity!

As a prophet and discerner, I have to be very careful of what I read, watch, and listen to because I can’t just shake things off like most people do. It gets into my spirit, my thoughts, my dreams, and my emotions. 

It’s not uncommon for me to read an article and weep uncontrollably as a result because I can sense and feel the grief and trauma. Not to mention, I spent nearly a decade advocating for and counseling survivors of domestic and sexual violence so stories of trauma literally consumed me.

This week has been emotionally draining for me—Kobe & GiGi Bryant crash, impeachment trial, earthquakes, coronavirus, local deaths and murders, news articles of murdered and sexually exploited children—it’s A LOT!!!

I did not guard my gates well and as a result I got bombarded spiritually and emotionally. I’m learning that my emotional capacity for certain things is limited and I must honor that. I can’t read every news story. I can’t watch every video clip. I just can’t. 

If you’re prophetic, an intercessor, discerner, or just spiritually sensitive, please learn your limits. We are called to bare spiritual burdens but not every burden is from the Lord and not every burden is yours to bare. This too is self-care.

Here is a great teaching by Dr. Faith Wokoma on how to handle spiritual pressure such as what I have described in this post.


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