Keep holding on!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I found myself doubting God this week. Yep, I struggle with doubt too. I've been believing God for some things for a while and I started to get weary in my waiting. Have you ever been there? Are you there now? During one of my many pity parties, the Lord checked me good! There's nothing quite like being checked by God. He said to me, "Ghia, the enemy doesn't want your job or your car, he wants your WORD!" Then he began to bring to my mind the parable of the sower where Jesus talks about the enemy snatching the word from us when it's not deeply rooted in our hearts (Matthew 13:18-19). I realized at that moment that the enemy wanted me to stop believing and forfeit my promise.

How many prophetic words have you allowed the enemy to steal from you because of weariness and frustration? We stop believing and he rejoices. We settle and he laughs. We stop declaring the word over our life and he gains the upper hand. Why? Because the word of God is the only sure thing we have. Heaven and earth will disappear but the Word of God will last FOREVER! God's word is the essence of who he is because he and his word are one. So when we stand on the word, we stand on God! No word = No foundation.

So, I want you to take back your word and hold on to it for dear life. Begin to rehearse and resuscitate every promise that God has made you. I believe this is the season of "THE OPEN DOOR" so things are being released and unfolding for the faithful. This beloved is why the enemy wants you to give up and lose heart. Don't let him steal your word! Keep pushing, keep pressing, and keep believing. God's word will not return to him unfulfilled and that's something to get excited about!!! 

If God spoke it, he will perform it. God can not and will not lie. Stand on that! Lock your faith around the word of God and HOLD ON!!!


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