Discerning the Father's Heart

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

One of the biggest struggles for believers is discerning what’s from God and what’s not. One way to discern if something you hear or feel is of God is to ask yourself, “Would a good father do this to their child?” God treats us as his beloved children, not as slaves or puppets. His motivation is always love, not fear or intimidation.

The other night I couldn’t sleep because my mind was racing and I felt anxious. So I got up and thought, “maybe God wants me to pray?” That has to be the reason why I can’t sleep, right? 

The Holy Spirit immediately challenged this mindset and said, “Ghia, would you mentally afflict your children in order to make them talk to you? If God wants you to pray, he will just ask you to because he’s a good father.” #MindBlown

I then knew that what I was experiencing was not from God and I began to bind up fear and anxiety and loose peace. I immediately felt relief! If I hadn’t listened to the Holy Spirit, I would’ve prayed and went back to bed bound thinking I had obeyed God. 

A lot of what we think is God isn’t. Just like in the garden and with the temptation of Jesus, the enemy will try and get us to obey him by twisting the word of God or misconstruing our view of God. This is why you NEED the Holy Spirit, he will always lead you in the way of TRUTH!!!

I pray that you will discern the heart and voice of the father and be free from the burden of legalism, religion, perfectionism, and oppression. May you walk in absolute liberty and authentic love and serve God and his people from that place.


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