-Laneka B. (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
 Tallahassee, Florida 

"I look forward to Truth Tuesdays like a kid waiting on Christmas morning because it is a gift--a gift of truth. See what I did there? LOL! But, seriously though. For me, each message confirms and encourages me to keep moving forward with and in Jesus. Now, sometimes you might get cut, but it is necessary for growth. I invite everyone to tune in each Tuesday at 8 p.m. I promise you will not be disappointed." 
 -M. Stokes, 
 Tallahassee, Florida 

"Ghia C. Kelly has truly been called as a healer. If you are in a place of doubt, depression, worry, or stagnation get with her. You are worth the investment and will see growth. Thank you for the seeds you planted with me."
L. Iyelbeji (Mental Health Clinician)
Tallahassee, Florida

 "I am feeling unstoppable! After the [mentorship] session on Sunday, I felt empowered! I wrote quotes from the session on a few mirrors in my house so that my girls can read them too."

 -J. Harrell (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
 Miami, Florida 

 "This Gift of Truth lives up to the standard of its name! This ministry has impacted my life tremendously by allowing me to see the truth of my life, whether good, bad or indifferent. I've matured and grown in every way since I've gotten connected!!" 
-R. Davis (Founder of Falling While You Wait Women's Ministry),  
Huntsville, Alabama 

"Elder Ghia Kelly preaches with confidence and  
is so genuine."
- Elder J. Dozier,
 Tallahassee, Florida 

 "Searching for the unadulterated truth? Well look no further. Elder Ghia Kelly brings practical principles to the word of God all why engaging you in thought provoking dialogue; that encourages you to be truthful with God and yourself. Elder Kelly is definitely one of God's chosen mouthpieces. Get connected!!!" 
-Y. Simmons, 
 Columbia, South Carolina 

 "I am too feeling empowered after Sunday's [mentorship] session! So much so that my week is off to a great start. I remain excited and invested in this entire process." 
-K. Patterson (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
Tallahassee, FL 

 "The Gift of Truth regularly provides their audience with inspiration and tools to remove the "clutter" from their life and begin the process of healing. Minister Ghia Kelly is a gift to the Body of Christ and carries a dynamic word!" 
-B. Shavon (Founder of Pearls of Esther, Inc.), 
 Atlanta, Georgia 

-C. Young (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
 Tallahassee, Florida

 "Where do I start??? One word I'll use to describe this ministry is real...100% pure, unapologetic, and relevant realness! The Gift of Truth is an incredible blessing to the body of Christ at large. The discussion topics are in-your-face yet laced in love and sound doctrine. I look forward to every Tuesday at 8pm because I know my life will be shifted for the better...seriously! That Ghia Kelly is a powerhouse, crying loud and sparing not!" 
-C. Burke, 
 Tallahassee, Florida 

"Being apart of the Daughters of Destiny Academy has taught me so many things. I’m so grateful for placing you in my life Ghia C. Kelly."
-C. Poole (Mentorship Academy Participant), Tallahassee, Florida

 "Truth Tuesday has made me really take a good look at some of the things that's been going on in my life and has me reevaluating a lot of things and people in my life. It was very inspiring and I would recommend anyone who's going through trials right now to watch and listen." 
-T. Graham, 
 Miami, Florida 

 "I think I'm moving into my greatness and beginning to not only like my uniqueness, but to enjoy it as well. And I like being confronted with the unforgiveness issue because it's something I have to deal with and not let things get built up." 
-J. Williams (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
 Tallahassee, Florida

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