Saturday, November 11, 2017

Daughters of Destiny Spiritual Mentorship Academy UPDATE!!!

Hey!!! The first cohort of the Daughters of Destiny (DOD) Spiritual Mentorship Academy is just about to end (sigh!) and it has been an AH-MAZING experience for me and the participants! The DOD Spiritual Mentorship Academy is a 7 week program for women who feel stuck or stagnant spiritually and need a push! This program is facilitated by yours truly, Elder Ghia Kelly! Not only am I the Founder of The Gift of Truth Inc., but I am a woman who is committed to empowering other women and helping them walk bodly in their God-given purpose. This 7 week academy has a focus on TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY, and TRANSFORMATION and includes weekly group sessions, individual spiritual coaching, and spiritual reflection activities and exercises.

Don't believe it's been life changing? Just check out some of the testimonies from the women of Cohort 1...

 "I am feeling unstoppable! After the [mentorship] session on Sunday, I felt empowered! I wrote quotes from the session on a few mirrors in my house so that my girls can read them too."
 -J. Harrell (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
 Miami, Florida 

 "I am too feeling empowered after Sunday's [mentorship] session! So much so that my week is off to a great start. I remain excited and invested in this entire process." 
-K. Patterson (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
Tallahassee, Florida

"Being apart of the Daughters of Destiny Academy has taught me so many things. I’m so grateful for placing you in my life Ghia C. Kelly."
-C. Poole (Mentorship Academy Participant), 
Tallahassee, Florida

 "I think I'm moving into my greatness and beginning to not only like my uniqueness, but to enjoy it as well. And I like being confronted with the unforgiveness issue because it's something I have to deal with and not let things get built up." 
-J. Williams (Mentorship Academy Participant),
Tallahassee, Florida

While I am sad that the 1st cohort is ending, I am SUPER excited to pour into a new group of women! Cohort 2 will start in February 2018 and registration will officially open in January. I hope to have you join in on the awesomeness and invest in your spiritual future. Feel free to share this information with any other woman who might benefit from this opportunity. Remember, there are only 7 slots available!!! Please email me HERE if you have any questions 😊

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