Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair Is About To Change Her Life---My BIG CHOP story!!!

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you! Yep, you read that correctly...I cut all of my hair off! I have never wanted to go natural, in fact, I was a proud member of #TeamCreamyCrack for most of my life. So, what made me wake up and cut my hair off? Well, I am pretty sure it was a combination of pregnancy hormones, a painful (but cute) sew-in, thinning edges, and just wanting a change. I was so tired of the perming, braiding, crocheting, etc... Besides that, I have never liked doing my hair and always admired women who could rock short natural haircuts. For some reason, I never thought that I could rock it so, I played it safe. But that all changed on June 4th when I decided to jump! Oh, I made sure to talk to my husband before I jumped so he wouldn't be totally shocked when I came home practically bald! LOL

How do I feel now? Well, I think it was one of the boldest and best decisions that I have ever made. I am still getting used to not having much hair and all of the people who question my choice or give me weird looks but overall everyone has really been supportive. I have to reiterate that it was MY CHOICE! Sometimes you have to do what's best for you regardless of how others feel about it. Confirmation and affirmation from others are great but never allow the lack thereof to stop you from moving forward. Do you! What I really love is the fact that I can get up and go in the mornings! My hair routine consists of applying oil, cream, and brushing my hair. Now my makeup routine has ironically gone from lip gloss to a full face! My hair is still a work in progress so I'm not there yet but stay tuned!

Here are some pics of my journey...

The infamous cute but painful sew-in

Hair Inspiration!

Preparing for the big chop!
My stylist Lynn...
She made me call my husband before she would cut my hair! LOL

It's all gone!!!
The reveal:

Feeling myself...

Loving the new me! ♥
(Oh, and I went to the barber and cut it shorter!)


Anonymous said...

OMG!! You look simply gorgeous Elder Ghia! I've been wanting to take the plunge 'again'(I'm still natural but wiggin and weavin) still waiting on hubby though lml! Perhaps you can throw out a sub on your morning scope to convince him lol. Once again simply beautiful!!

Ghia Kelly said...

Thank you for the love!!!!