Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Writing a Book!!! Yay!!!

Hey there! Did you get excited when you read the blog title? Well, I did! Why? Because I'm pursuing my dreams and writing my first book. Yipppeeee! I originally started this blog as a way to start writing more frequently and as a lead-in to writing my book. It has been a little over two years since I started blogging and I am turning my dreams into my reality.

My first book is entitled "The Gift of Truth: A 30 Day Devotional to Help You Transform Your Life through the Truth of God's Word." It's basically a 30-day collection of short devotionals that will encourage and inspire you to be a better you. I have incorporated some of my blog posts but have added to them and also added meditation and reflection exercises as well. I am uber excited about this! I don't have a release date but just know that I'm working diligently and it will be released in it is perfect timing.

This is my first book venture and I have a lot to learn so please keep me in your prayers. Sure I want my book to be a best seller but I also want my book to bless the lives of each person who reads it. I am believing for limitless possibilities, uncommon favor, and most importantly for God to be glorified. I just wanted to share my good news with you. I pray that you are encouraged to pursue your dreams as well! Let's go! ♥

Here is a small excerpt from my devotional: 

Day 5: Faith over Fear

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