Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Your Email Subscription Just Got Upgraded!

Hey, have YOU subscribed to The Gift of Truth blog posts yet? If not, then you should! Why? Because I just upgraded your subscription for no cost to you at all thanks to MailChimp!!! It's pretty easy to subscribe, just enter your name and email on my site and voila!?!

If you have subscribed, your most recent email from me should have looked a little more polished and less blah. I used MailChimp to spice things up a bit and I am pleased with the results. I added my logo, some pink accents, and even my social media information. I hope you enjoy it because I invested some serious time into figuring things out! You may have even received an email or two with no blog post info attached. Shhhh! Keep that between you and I! #TrialAndError LOL

Whether you are a subscriber or you check my site periodically to see what I have posted, I want to let you know that I appreciate you! Thanks so much for your support of The Gift of Truth.

Ghia ♥

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