Monday, November 9, 2015

Discovering Your Divine Purpose!

Hey Hey :)

I hope you had a restful weekend! Well, I was recently asked by my Periscope subscribers to do a teaching on "Walking in Your Purpose" so I did! Here are some of the notes from the teaching:

  • "Purpose" is the reason your were born...purpose is your gift to the world!
  • You can not walk in your purpose until you discover what your purpose is.
  • Giftings and purpose work in tandem but they are not synonymous. Giftings help you to fulfill your purpose, but they are not your purpose. For example, you may be gifted in doing makeup but your purpose is to empower women and build their self-esteem. Your gift to do makeup aids you in fulfilling that larger purpose. Make sense?
  • Giftings are not enough, you need the anointing of God! On the road to purpose, giftings are the vehicle, but the anointing is the fuel.
  • Your purpose can only be revealed to you by the one who created you...God! People who mentor you can help you to fulfill your purpose, but they can not reveal it to you.
  • Your purpose is multidimensional so it is typically revealed in parts. So, don't get frustrated because you don't see the big picture yet. It will all be revealed in time. Trust the process!
  • 5 tips for discovering your purpose:
    • Conduct a self-assessment. What are you good at? What comes naturally? What would you do for free? Your purpose is typically connected to these things.
    • Surround yourself with others who are walking in purpose. Birds of a feather flock together! Let the purpose of others motivate you to discover yours.
    • Invest in yourself. Read books, study, take classes, etc. Purpose is revealed to those who pursue it and prepare for it!
    • Be patient. Timing is everything!
    • Seek God for insight. He is the creator of your purpose so allow him to lead you!

Have a purposeful week! ♥