Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Choose Growth!

I know you're living, but are your growing? Growth is synonymous with development, maturation, sprouting, and blooming. Can you say that you have truly matured as a person since this time last year? Have you developed in your faith as a believer? Have new giftings sprouted up in your life or are you still operating in the same gifts you did five years ago? Has your vision expanded or did it diminish? We tend to think that growth is inevitable with time, but that is not true. There are many people that are "grown" in age but still very immature mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Why is that you ask? Because they failed to grow holistically. Growth is optional. Growth is a choice. Growth takes work. So, don't just be content with change but make a choice to grow!

Have a great and productive week!

-Ghia ♥

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