Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I have GODFIDENCE, how bout' you?

I am probably super late, but I recently learned of the term "Godfidence". I came across a friend's Instagram post with this word and was immediately a fan of it. I am a word and quote type of person so words and phrases always catch my eye, but this word says so much to me! What do you see in this word? What do you feel when you say the word? For me, the word is empowering yet humbling at the same time. I have GODFIDENCE...meaning I can do all things but only through Christ! This word reminds me that I should never become confident in my own ability but rely fully on God's ability! Greater is HE that is within me! It's in my weakness that HIS strength is made perfect! Sometimes we tend to forget that everything we have is because of God's goodness (whether we deserve it or not). So, I encourage you to make this word apart of your vocabulary. When you go on that job interview, remind yourself that you have GODFIDENCE! When you have one of the days where it feels like nothing is working out the way it should, declare that you have GODFIDENCE! Declare that your hope and confidence is in God because there is no failure in him! Be encouraged :)

Ghia ♥

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