Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Make A Decision & Stick To It!

Last night, I posted the image above on my plethora of social media outlets. The motivation behind the post was the realization that I had not overcome many of my challenges because I had failed to make a decision to stop what I was doing to cause myself distress. Last night I had to make up my mind! Often times we only seek to be delivered from our dysfunction when it is no longer benefiting us. Yep...some of us actually benefit from being dysfunctional. Don't believe me? Just ask the person who uses their childhood sexual abuse as an excuse not to trust others or the person who always plays the victim to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Many of us hold on to unhealthy relationships and practices because we don't know who we are outside of the pain.

So you keep praying, repenting. crying, but the cycle never ends? Well, that's because you never truly make a decision to interrupt the pattern. And if you do make a decision, you procrastinate so much so that you never follow through. These are the things that hinder our progress towards hope and healing. The reality is that you are where you are because of your choices. It's just that simple. We have to stop blaming people (and the devil) for our poor decisions. Again, this was a conversation that I had to have with myself first! So...let's say it together, "Ouch!"

God gave us the gift of a will...the gift of a choice. Not just the choice in what God we will worship but he gave us the ability to choose the kind of life we will live. Of course you had no control over the childhood trauma you expereinced but you did have a choice in how you would allow it to affect you as an adult. We all have the innate ability to create with our call those things that be not as though they were (Romans 4:17). But our words must be followed by action because faith (words/ beliefs) without works (action) is dead (James 2:26). I'm calling you to action! Make up your mind to interrupt the cycle in your life. When you're truly ready for change, you will do whatever it takes make it happen...

Be blessed ((air hug))


Lyneece said...

This is so can have all the faith in the world but faith alone won't change the state you're in. I'm getting better with my actions :-) great post!

Ghia Kelly said...

Thank you Lyneece :)