Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Passionate Pursuit of Purpose...

Good evening!!! I am out of town again for work and got the urge to journal my thoughts.  As a working woman, mother, and wife, I don't get too many quiet moments to myself so I have learned to take advantage of this time away. Sometimes you have to just sit alone with your thoughts in order to truly get the clarity that you need. For the past few days I have really been struggling to bridge the gap between where I am currently and the place that's calling me. Have you ever been so ready for what's next that the present frustrates you? Well, that's where I have been for a while. How do I get what's in me out? Is it time? If not, when? Why me? These are the questions that I ask myself.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that God as destined me for greatness. I am so intrigued by great people like Oprah, Maya Angelou, and Bishop TD Jakes. It's not their social status that intrigues me but the passion they have for what they do. I believe passion is what separates the "good" from the "great". I am passionate but the struggle is channeling my passion...do I pursue ministry, life coaching, writing my book, my career? It's like I have a door before me but hundreds of keys. Which key unlocks the door to my destiny? Oh the struggle!

Many would consider me to be pretty accomplished...masters degree, career, family, ministry but I don't feel like I have even begun to walk in my full potential. Sometimes my destiny scares me because it's so much larger than where I am right now. It's hard to be comfortable as a sheep herder when you know there's a king's anointing on your life. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for where I am in life, but I am not content. My passion and my purpose won't let me get comfortable here.

I was watching Oprah's interview with Pharell the other day and I really connected with his passion for music. When a person is passionate about something, there's no way to hide it. I couldn't imagine living without passion. I believe passion is the fuel that God gives us to fulfill his purpose for our lives. The thing about passion is that it has to be cultivated. People don't live passionate lives because they allow insecurity, procrastination, and doubt to drive them instead of passion. What are you allowing to drive you?

My Pastor always says, "God gives us the beginning and the ending but we have to work the middle." Well, I'm in the middle...the place between destiny revealed and destiny fulfilled. I am learning that the middle is where character is built and your faith is tested. It's the middle that prepares you for the promise. It was Joseph's pit experience (middle) that prepared him for the palace. The middle is not a comfortable place to be but I am committed to the process. I am committed because I don't just want the door of opportunity to be opened but I want it to stay open. One day I will be revealed to the world! Don't believe me? Just watch!

"To live a passion-less life is to deny oneself the opportunity of even becoming great." - Ghia C. Kelly


Sharee @ UOP said...

Girl you sound like me! I have actually asked God to forgive for being ungrateful. I've learned take what I've accomplished already, remain grateful and PATIENT a let God work!


Ghia Kelly said...

Patience is truly a virtue! LOL