Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shut Up, Stand Still, & See the Salvation of the Lord!

Hey ya'll! It's been a few weeks (give or take) since my last post but I have been super busy with work travel, family, etc... I was very intentional today to make sure that I carved out time to write this post. This blog is to encourage others but it's also an accountability tool for me. I made a committment when I started this blog that I would try and write a post at least once per week. I knew that I would not always meet the demand but I'm trying to be consistent. One of my personal flaws is that when I lose interest in something (or someone), I tend to cut it (or them) off. I am trying not to add my blog to my list of things I cut off because I lost interest. So here I am!

The Lord spoke something last week to me that really blessed me. I was having a "woe is me" moment as I talked to the Lord about the things that I need to change. You ever been there? I began to basically say to God, "You need to fix it or I'm done." Well, in the midst of saying that, the Lord spoke to me a said, "Your job in this season is to stop talking and let me handle it." Me? Stop Talking? Never! LOL. But, it made sense. I was frustrated because I kept talking about something (really complaining) but nothing was changing. The Lord had to check me and help me to remember that it's HIS word that makes the change, not mine. And if "we" were to be honest, we could admit that our words have not always mimicked his because of our frustration, anger, fear, doubt, etc...

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks but they were also very comforting. God wasn't saying that he wouldn't fix the situation, he just needed me to allow him to fix it. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our feelings and what we think that we totally remove God from the situation. I am learning (I'm not there how to back off and let the Lord work the situation out. I encourage you to do the same. What have you been so frustrated with that you failed to pray? What have you written off as impossible before consulting the Lord? I dare you to join me in shutting up, standing still, and watching God work it out!

The other important part of this is learning to stand still while God works it out. Sometimes situations can seem so overwhelming that you want to just quit altogether but how can God work it out if you don't have faith that it will change? I was there! I was done! But these words reminded me that I needed to have faith and be patient through the process. I know...I know...easier said than done but I'm not telling you something that I myself have not gone through. You should never make a permanent decision based on a temporary feeling. Don't give up on your dreams, your marriage, unsaved loved ones, or your own personal efforts to do better/ be better. Hang in there! Stop complaining and start believing! This too shall pass... 

Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God."

Be blessed.