Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Live, Laugh, & Love

Live Authentically

Your life is just that...YOURS! Own it! Many of us have not lived a fulfilled life because we have not truly embraced our true, authentic self. Who are you deep down on the inside? Who has God created you to be? You have to answer these questions for yourself before others can truly begin to embrace the true you. We have all heard the phrase, "You teach people how to treat you" but I will go a step further and say, "You teach people who you are." If you constantly feel misunderstood then it might be that people are confused about who you really are. We all go through the stage of self-exploration and self-identification but stages typically have a beginning and an ending. Embrace your uniqueness...embrace your flaws...embrace the true you!

Laugh Intentionally

Life can be overwhelming, stressful, and unfair but it can also be fulfilling, enjoyable, and peaceful. Life is what YOU make it. Proverbs 17:22 says, "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." In a nut shell, you have to learn how to laugh even when there's nothing to laugh about. We must celebrate the small victories in our lives. Learn to be grateful for what you have and focus less on what you don't have. Happiness is a state of mind rather than a euphoric feeling. You have enjoy your life on purpose! Take care of yourself, be selfish sometimes, and make your needs a priority. It's so easy to get caught up in helping others that you neglect yourself. Lighten up, take a load off, and enjoy your life!

Love Extravagantly

Love is what makes life worth living...the love of God, the love of family, and the love of self. We can't just receive love but we must give love as well. It is the love you give that matters most. We have to go beyond our love comfort zone and love extravagantly! To be extravagant is to be excessive. Don't just love people the way they love you but love excessively and without restraint. I'm not saying open your heart to everyone but love them (there's a difference). You can't love where there is unforgiveness and resentment. Don't try and punish people who have hurt you by withholding only imprisons you. Let it go!  Love can conquer what hate can not. Choose to love!

Be blessed :)

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