Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

So...I decided to start a blog! I've never been an avid writer but I have always been one who journaled my thoughts. As an only child, I didn't always have someone to talk to about my feelings so I would write. Like talking, writing is a avenue for healing. So, this blog is just as much about me as it is about you. I decided to call my blog "The Gift of Truth" because I believe in the power of the truth. I've never been one to beat around the bush or sugarcoat what I had to say and I think people can respect me for that. Why? Because I not only speak my truth to others but I am honest with myself. And like you, I'm a mess! LOL

I have a lot of things I can write about but I choose to use this platform to empower, enlighten, and inspire others. At my core, I'm a woman who is passionate about fulfilling my God-given purpose and helping others fulfill theirs as well. I am a Christian...a preacher to be exact...but that is not all that I am. I consider myself a pretty broad thinker so I don't box myself in and I ask that you not box me in either. I plan to share my thoughts, experiences, trials, and triumphs in hopes that you will be blessed by it. You may not agree with everything that I say and that's ok. Just take what you need, leave what you don't. I'm not sure exactly where this blogging journey will take us but I'm sure it will be a heck of a ride.

Stay tuned!!!!